Casa del Parco - Cala Reale (Park's House - Royal Cove)


  • Tipologia: Sito d'Interesse Culturale
  • Sostenibilità ambientale:
  • Delfino


  • Indirizzo: Isola Asinara - Cala Reale
  • Comune: Porto Torres
  • Provincia: SS
  • Regione: Sardegna

Natural Proteced Areas

Other information

  • Target: Coppie,Famiglie con Bambini,Single,Anziani,Gruppi


  • Parco nazionale Asinara, isola, mare, Sardegna, mostra, fotografica, visita
Scorcio di mare con sedie

Once a hospital, the premises of the current cultural centre were built in 1889. It currently houses both a photographic exhibition of marine environments of Asinara, Sardinia, the Mediterranean sea, and of other continents, as well as works by artists of the Sassari Academy of Fine Arts in "The Show for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Asinara National Park 1997 - 2007". Open from 10:00 AM when the first ferry arrives until the departure of the last ferry. Personnel: present; Toilets: available. 

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